‘In the Middle’ – Textile Art Piece, Artists’ Meeting, Costume Museum, Madrid

World Textile Art (WTA) is one of the most respected Contemporary Textile Art organizations in the world. The organization supports textile artists from all over the world. Its main objective is the promotion of this art through its biennials and special events, to strengthen, encourage and promote artistic manifestation of contemporary textiles at local, national and international levels. It also supports exhibitions, symposiums, seminaries, courses and trade shows of this artistic genre, to promote, not only the appreciation, but also the practice of this art.

The first seven WTA biennials have taken place in the United States, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Argentina, Mexico and Uruguay. The 8th Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art was the first one that was celebrated in Europe, in the city of Madrid, under the title “The Sustainable City, Textile Art as an integrating element”.

Workshops, specialized conferences, an artists’ meeting, parallel exhibitions, guided tours and cultural touristic tours took place in the framework of this 8th Biennial.

At the Artists’ Meeting celebrated in the Museo del Traje (Costume Museum) with the support of the ACTM (Association of Textile Creators of Madrid), I presented my piece titled “In the Middle”, created with cotton fabric, merino wool and recycled jeans fabric, using nuno felting and shibori techniques.

Below are some pictures of my piece.

And here is a link to the video of the meeting, which I uploaded to my YouTube channel.

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