Cloche-Style Nuno Felt Hat 

Differences between Nuno Felt Hats and Industrial Felt ones. History and Properties of Silk, Wool and Felt


Cloche-style nuno felt hat in a very special fabric, soft to the touch, with raw silk fabrics incorporated.

Together with Pepa Ramírez, an excellent hatter, we have made and presented two hats. The one I made is a 20s style nuno felt hat, and Pepa’s is a 40s style felt and mohair hat made with a pre-made felt cone, with nuno felt details made by me.

The Video is in Spanish, but you can switch on the English Subtitles

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In the video you will see a preliminary presentation of the history of silk, wool and felt and their properties, followed by an explanation of how we made the hats.

Pepa explains how she makes her hats and fascinators, by applying steam so that she can shape high quality industrially created felt hoods or capelines, and I explain how I have made my hat, how to make nuno felt with an open weave fabric –silk gauze in my case- combed or carded merino wool, warm water, soap, friction and a lot of patience!

At the end of the presentation, I answer questions from the public and I explain how I have made other nuno felt pieces that I brought.

It was a great experience. The challenge was to adapt a light fabric such as nuno felt to hat making. Felt hats are usually made from felt capelines, which are much more compact and thicker than nuno felt, and which can be reshaped as much as necessary.

Pepa Ramírez and I have shared techniques and experience. I have learnt how to make hats, what is a block and how to sew the internal tape. She has learnt what nuno felt is, how to make it, how to apply it to hat making and how to make craft felt.

Wool and Silk, Infinite Fusion’ is the title of the chat we gave in the Costume Museum of Madrid, during the European Craft days, within the ‘Interweaving Experiences’ Textile Techniques Seminar organised by the Association of Textile Creators of Madrid (ACTM).

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