“In the Garden”, TextilMad: Textile Festival of Madrid

My piece ‘In the Garden’ (textile art, wet felt) was shown in TEXTILMAD, Textile Festival of Madrid, celebrated in la Quinta del Sordo, in the historic city centre. This textile art sculpture consists on a series of wet felt ‘flowers’ in an imaginary garden. I created it during an ‘artistic communion’ experience I participated in in Toledo, together with twenty other artists of different nationalities -British, Brazilian, Italian and Spanish- and a variety of artistic disciplines -plastic artists, photographers, an actress, historians and me as the only textile artist.

arte textil, fieltro húmedo

To create it I was inspired by the chains that hang in some Japanese gardens. They join together little recipients which resemble open ‘flowers’ that collect rain water. As the water slides in and out of them and down the chain it makes a musical sound. I saw them during a trip to Japan and was fascinated by them.

Textilmad was organised by the ACTM (Asociación de Creadores Textiles de Madrid – Association of Textile Creators of Madrid) to promote and raise awareness of textile arts and crafts through a great variety of activities: an exhibition where numerous pieces of textile art could be seen, demonstration workshops to show and teach diverse textile techniques, as well as talks and discussions on interesting related topics. We also had a small gallery shop, the Global Shop, where some of the works were sold, we made a collective piece of embroidery with the help of Altrapo Lab using recycled items of clothing -to take a stance towards sustainable fashion- and we watched a great performance by dancers Diana Michelow and Elsa Cabo.

It was a true celebration of textiles and I loved to see you there.

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