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‘Il Varco’ Interdisciplinary Workshop: Visual Arts, Architecture, Cinema, Literature, Music – Corniolo, Italy

The interdisciplinary workshop Il Varco includes writers, poets, filmmakers, musicians and architects that get together in the summer. This year they have also invited Spanish and British visual artists. I have come back from the beautiful village of Corniolo really happy and full of ideas.

We have done a ‘mostra’ in a circuit around different locations of Corniolo: houses, garages, an abandoned shop, the church and the village square, incorporating visual arts, photography projections and sound.

During the music and literature workshop, they composed a contemporary musical piece with a voice that recited a text, and which was played at the church where we displayed a photograph. Another musical piece composed in the other workshop was also played during the circuit.

I have worked closely with three English artists, two Italian artists and two Spanish artists in a workshop which had the purpose of exploring how artwork interacts with the space it’s in.

Showing my piece Fairy Tale in a completely different space to the room at the Costume Museum has confirmed to me the premise that the ‘communion’ of the artwork with the space surrounding it is of prime importance. The piece filled the small garage in which I showed it and, thanks to the lighting, it reached another dimension, expressing something else which I hope viewers were able to notice.

Fairy Tale: An example of how a piece changes according to the space in which it is shown.

I showed the piece I created for the circuit, 5 pieces of felt that will be part of the ’70 Heartbeats’ Series, in a completely empty stone-walled room, hanging from a wooden beam, as if they were floating. This allowed me to test how they can be installed. These pieces speak about the fleeting nature of time, and our inability to retain it, like a heartbeat.

5 pieces of felt, a work that speaks about the transient mature of time.


This experience was very important for me, as it has given me another opportunity of working in Artistic Communion and to be able to do it with artists of other disciplines.

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