Susana Arce and Suhzo with AMSE (Spanish Sustainable Fashion Association) in MOMAD, International Clothing, Footwear and Accessories Trade Show

MOMAD, -one of the largest fashion trade shows in the international calendar- organised by IFEMA – Feria de Madrid continues to support responsible and sustainable fashion. The MOMAD Sustainable Experience specialized becomes larger with each show, confirming the growing demand that exists for this fashion segment in today’s market.

Suhzo Sustainable Fashion, Created by por Susana Arce Dubois

I’m a member of AMSE (Asociación de Moda Sostenible de España) because I believe that the world needs more ‘slow fashion’: garments and accessories that are unique and exclusive or produced in small amounts with attention to detail, handmade with love, timeless pieces, that we can enjoy wearing our whole lives or, at least, for many years, instead of cloned garments mass-produced in enormous quantities. The price of ‘slow fashion’ has to reflect its nature, its quality, the effort and time that it takes to create it but, in the long term, it is a much more satisfactory and cost-effective option.

To create my textiles and the garments I then design and make with them, I use only different 100% natural silk fabrics -from the lightest and most transparent to the thickest rustic silk- which I hand paint or felt with high quality uncarded merino wool to create nuno felt. I love working with these materials with my bare hands in my workshop in Madrid using ancestral techniques.

My collections and my philosophy fit perfectly in this responsible and sustainable fashion sector, in the ‘slow fashion’ sector. That is why I decided to participate in MOMAD with the Sustainable Fashion Association of Spain (AMSE) to which I brought a small collection of hand painted silk garments for the spring-summer season.

I think there is still a long road ahead in the sustainable fashion sector, but I love to see that there are more and more projects such as this one to give it visibility and so that people learn to value it.

For me, this was a really interesting experience that has encouraged me to design and create a more complete collection in nuno felt -made of silk felted with merino wool- for the autumn-winter season.

Here are a few of the pictures of the kimono-style dress I presented in AMSE’s fashion show on the MOMAD Catwalk.

Hand-painted silk fabric by Susana Arce Dubois – Design by Susana Arce Dubois

Couture dressmaker, Rosa Da Costa
Handbag: Inma and Kate
Shoes: Momoc
Earrings: AntMade

And here are a few other pictures of the trade show and of the garments I brought to it.

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