“Fairy Tale” in the ‘Museo a Mano’ Exhibition

‘Fairy Tale’ is the name of the nuno felt piece that I showed in the Museo del Traje de Madrid (Costume Museum of Madrid), in the temporary exhibition ‘Museo a Mano’.

A nuno felt top on silk gauze with merino wool, a technique that fascinates me more and more each day. It is so inspired in a fantasy fairy-tale world, that it could even be part of the attire of a fairy or an elf.

With this piece I try to express that we should never lose the ability to believe that everything is possible: magic, dreams… Since I was small, magical worlds formed in my mind when my mother read to us or told us stories and I spent hours creating ‘mini-worlds’ full of impossible houses, gardens and forests with blue trees, fairies and elves. My art teacher used to ask me why my trees were so often blue, and I replied that the fairies loved that colour.

top de fieltro nuno en el museo del traje

The design of my piece represents a forest of blue trees that climb on both sides until their purple leaves meet in the centre in the front and back. Even though these colours don’t exist in Nature, I still love to paint blue trees with purple leaves -exactly for that reason- because they are unreal. Nuno felt gives the design texture, turning it into something more organic. The transparency of the silk muslin makes this piece ethereal. Hanging on a tree branch, suspended from the ceiling, it moves and interacts with the space and with the people who approach it. All this helps to make it more than just a fashion garment.

top de fieltro nuno en el Museo del Traje

The process was not easy, because this piece has a lot of me in it, but creating it was a fantastic experience.

I want to give thanks to Lucina Llorente and Emma García, commissars of the exhibition ‘Museo a Mano’, for giving me the opportunity of showing my work in the Museo del Traje, one of my favourite museums. In the opening ceremony, they said that ‘fashion is culture’ and that we should contribute to make this statement a reality..

Magical greetings from Suhzo

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