Nuno in Silk and Merino Wool for an Original and Exclusive Dress

I have presented this dress in the “Textileando Madrid” exhibition. The fabric is made with the nuno felting technique, using coral red merino wool, white chiffon silk and silk hand-painted in blue tones.

Amazing fabrics can be created with this felting technique, which can then be used to make seamless one-piece garments or garments made with patterns, as in this case. With my nuno felt fabric I have designed a red dress, the same colour as the flag of Madrid, with touches of blue, the colour of the sky above my city.

I have titled it ‘Goyesca 21’, because the skirt evokes the antique dresses of the  ‘goyescas’ in Goya’s paintings, going for a picnic in the Prairie of San Isidro. I have tried to give the top part a more modern look by matching it to the skirt.

Vestido de Fieltro Nuno Rojo y Azul

If you like this dress as much as I do, I can make you one to measure:i this model or a similar one, in the colours you choose. Each dress, like all my pieces and garments, will be unique and exclusive.

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