Learn to Felt Natural Soaps

During these felted soaps workshops, I will teach you the basic felting techniques and how to cover an olive oil soap with pure merino wool of different colours, so that you can create your own felted soap that you then take home.. A great way to spend a morning or an afternoon with a group of friends or to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion.Olive oil soap is very hydrating and a natural antioxidant rich in vitamin E. It contains no parabems or animal fats and it gives you a really exclusive experience of skin care and cleansing.

The merino wool you will use to cover it is organic, antibacterial and antifungal. Each bar of soap is fully covered in a soft, lightly exfoliating ‘sponge’ that tones up your skin while protecting the soap, making it last longer.

As well as having cosmetic properties, felted soaps are also decorative. They look great in the bathroom, in the shower or by the sink. As the soap is used up, the wool shrinks with it and, when it is finished, you are left with a small hollow felt bag that you can use to make a pendant, a brooch or to fill it up with lavender or other herbs to use it as an air freshener or to place it inside drawers or wardrobes.

Date and time of the next workshop: To be confirmed

Venue: To be confirmed

Price: 28 € per person (including materials)

Send me an email to  susana@suhzo.com o get in touch with me via phone or  WhatsApp on +34682833892 if you are interested in booking a workshop for a group. You can also subscribe to my email list so that I can keep you informed about upcoming workshops.


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