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2 + dos (two) = 5 Cycle, Comisariado de Terrassa, Espaidos

The Project: 2 + dos (two) = 5

2 + dos (two) = 5 is the name of the cycle from Terrassa Comisariado del Espaidos, a project curated by Pilar Cabañas, Paulo Cacais and Mª Jesús Ferro. Artists from the Lab-Ca collective and artist from Terrassa have participated, jumping into the void without net, putting all our passion, sensitivity and knowledge into it. Because that is what art in communion is about.

The cycle has comprised 4 exhibitions. Each of them was put together by an artistic experimentation group formed by artists and theorists that have deliberately abandoned their comfort zone to go further. Each exhibition has been intervened by an artist from Terrassa: Gabriel Verderi, Irene Pérez, Radio Zurich y David Contreras.

Our Exhibition: ‘Brought by the Wind’

‘I follow the luminosity and the darkness of the wind`. I think this haiku, written by the Japanese poet Santoka Taneda, expresses the journey we have undertaken through memory and remembrance, from the void that is necessary to live fully in the moment. When we see a landscape, sense a smell, hear a sound, meet someone in a certain moment of our journey, those landscape, smell, sound or moment touch our souls and remain in our memory. And they are transformed in another reality, which is not the same or different from true reality.

The textile piece I have presented in the exhibition refers to memory, as the character of each people and culture has been expressed through textiles for centuries. Techniques are passed down from mothers to daughters, from grandmothers to granddaughters, and the threads create stories, dreams, and unite generations. Around my work are the pieces from José Luis Bomfim and Fernando Sordo, that allude to everyday moments trapped in time and space, transformed memories, interior landscapes that, at the same time, become exterior. Memory and remembrance, nothing remains, lasts or perpetuates, everything is equally emptiness, vacuum, transformed in true reality…

Mª Jesús Ferro, Curator:

This is what Mª Jesús Ferro says about our exhibition:

The work presented here is an installation created jointly by Susana Arce, José Luis Bomfim, Ignacio Llamas and Fernando Sordo. The intent and decision to integrate themselves in a common project has led these four artists to create an innovative work in which the solid artistic experience of some and the blossoming maturity of others come together. It is a very special kind of collaboration that has taught all of them to assume resignation, loss, altruism and vacuum as intrinsic parts of the creative process in favour of the work.

This piece was conceived from the start with an experimental working method by which three of the artists provide physical work while the participation of the fourth is immaterial, although his authorship and ownership in respect of the piece is analogous to those of the others. It is an intervention in the manner of a constructor who transmits his experience depersonalising it, so that the bigger the dissolution of his obvious contribution, the more diminished is the ego, and the work is further exalted. This is a work that has required a large dose of openness and generosity from all parties, as each individual contribution is diluted in the work in benefit of elevating the whole. On a distinctly sober cracked cartographic base, composed of a series of approximately twenty superimposed paintings, are diverse paper, wood and textile elements. There are drawings of landscapes from other latitudes, works that are transformed in an instant from evocative memory to nostalgia. What were remains in the past, such as the board trimmings from old pictures or the torn paper pieces from old lithographic tests, now have a new existence, together with recently created drawings, and on top of them alights the nearly weightless presence of a semi-transparent, subtle textile composition that appears on the arrangement like a sail that a metaphoric wind drives towards a present or a future that aspires to elevation.

The composition brings together very different elements in terms of materials, shapes, sizes and colours. Their oneness and their overflow produce gaps and shadows that drift together with the rest of the elements towards their target. This work is about memory and remembrance. The evocations of memory are produced by images, sounds and smells that help purify the essences, bringing new freshness to situations of stagnation, while they also connect you to what you are no more and will never be again and help you gather the necessary dose of forgetfulness to be able to move forward. It’s a work that does not settle for being, for having been, it also wants to become.

Artistic Communion

But, what is artistic communion? This is how Pilar Cabañas explains it:

The common thread that joins the four exhibitions is the use of the same work process, applied to artistic creation through collective participation, based on a relationship of profound dialogue, synergy, empathy and selfless surrender in favour of common interests.

The LAB-CA (Laboratory of Artistic Communion) group is formed by artists, curators, critics and historians that have been experimenting and theorising on the conclusions they draw from this artistic practice for nearly twenty years.

Etymologically, ‘communion’ means someone’s participation with others. This participation supposes that the other one is important, indispensable from the perspective of artistic creation.

We understand communion when all the members of the community put what they have on the table for the enjoyment of the whole. In this case, each participant puts their knowledge, technical and professional skills as well as their will and personal sensitivity. Communion involves each participant intimately, their humility and ego, their generosity and absence of fear, all at the service of art.

If you want to know more about this project and about our exhibition, visit:

Videos de la Exposición

My thanks to Canal Terrassa and Terrassa Digital for this video, which I have uploaded to my YouTube channel.

My thanks to Terrassa Arts Visuals for this video, which I have uploaded to my YouTube Channel.


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