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Articles about anything I find interesting and exciting in the textile world, and about my projects and events, as well as textile art advice and techniques.

Exhibition: ‘Brought by the Wind’

2 + dos (two) = 5 Cycle, Comisariado de Terrassa, Espaidos

The Project: 2 + dos (two) = 5

2 + dos (two) = 5 is the name of the cycle from Terrassa Comisariado del Espaidos, a project curated by Pilar Cabañas, Paulo Cacais and Mª Jesús Ferro. Artists from the Lab-Ca collective and artist from Terrassa have participated, jumping into the void without net, putting all our passion, sensitivity and knowledge into it. Because that is what art in communion is about.

The cycle has comprised 4 exhibitions. Each of them was put together by an artistic experimentation group formed by artists and theorists that have deliberately abandoned their comfort zone to go further. Each exhibition has been intervened by an artist from Terrassa: Gabriel Verderi, Irene Pérez, Radio Zurich y David Contreras.


Textile Art, Installation, ’70 Heartbeats’ Series

'Il Varco' Interdisciplinary Workshop: Visual Arts, Architecture, Cinema, Literature, Music - Corniolo, Italy

The interdisciplinary workshop Il Varco includes writers, poets, filmmakers, musicians and architects that get together in the summer. This year they have also invited Spanish and British visual artists. I have come back from the beautiful village of Corniolo really happy and full of ideas.


Nuno Felt Top in the Costume Museum of Madrid

"Fairy Tale" in the 'Museo a Mano' Exhibition

'Fairy Tale' is the name of the nuno felt piece that I showed in the Museo del Traje de Madrid (Costume Museum of Madrid), in the temporary exhibition 'Museo a Mano'.

A nuno felt top on silk gauze with merino wool, a technique that fascinates me more and more each day. It is so inspired in a fantasy fairy-tale world, that it could even be part of the attire of a fairy or an elf. (more…)

Textile Art, Installation, Wet Felt

"In the Garden", TextilMad: Textile Festival of Madrid

My piece 'In the Garden' (textile art, wet felt) was shown in TEXTILMAD, Textile Festival of Madrid, celebrated in la Quinta del Sordo, in the historic city centre. This textile art sculpture consists on a series of wet felt 'flowers' in an imaginary garden. I created it during an 'artistic communion' experience I participated in in Toledo, together with twenty other artists of different nationalities (more…)

Designer and Textile Artist

Susana Arce Dubois, A Whole Life of Textile Art

Advice to other artists who are starting, silk painting and nuno felting techniques, place of work and selling textile art.

Are you passionate about Textile Art?

Here is the video from my interview by Berit Hals, President of the Association of Textile Creators of Madrid at the Costume Museum, during the 'Days of Dialogue with the Textile’. Thanks to the Museo del Traje (Costume Museum) for organising these events and thank you, Berit for a great interview.


World Textile Art Organization – 8th Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art


'In the Middle' - Textile Art Piece, Artists' Meeting, Costume Museum, Madrid

World Textile Art (WTA) is one of the most respected Contemporary Textile Art organizations in the world. The organization supports textile artists from all over the world. Its main objective is the promotion of this art through its biennials and special events, to strengthen, encourage and promote artistic manifestation of contemporary textiles at local, national and international levels. It also supports exhibitions, symposiums, seminaries, courses and trade shows of this artistic genre, to promote, not only the appreciation, but also the practice of this art.


Sustainable Fashion: Suhzo with AMSE in MOMAD

Susana Arce and Suhzo with AMSE (Spanish Sustainable Fashion Association) in MOMAD, International Clothing, Footwear and Accessories Trade Show

MOMAD, -one of the largest fashion trade shows in the international calendar- organised by IFEMA – Feria de Madrid continues to support responsible and sustainable fashion. The MOMAD Sustainable Experience specialized becomes larger with each show, confirming the growing demand that exists for this fashion segment in today's market.