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Articles about anything I find interesting and exciting in the textile world, and about my projects and events, as well as textile art advice and techniques.

Textile Art, Installation, 5 Pieces of Felt

'Il Varco' Interdisciplinary Workshop: Visual Arts, Architecture, Cinema, Literature, Music - Corniolo, Italy

The interdisciplinary workshop Il Varco includes writers, poets, filmmakers, musicians and architects that get together in the summer. This year they have also invited Spanish and British visual artists. I have come back from the beautiful village of Corniolo really happy and full of ideas.


Designer and Textile Artist

Susana Arce Dubois, A Whole Life of Textile Art

Advice to other artists who are starting, silk painting and nuno felting techniques, place of work and selling textile art.

Are you passionate about Textile Art?

Here is the video from my interview by Berit Hals, President of the Association of Textile Creators of Madrid at the Costume Museum, during the 'Days of Dialogue with the Textile’. Thanks to the Museo del Traje (Costume Museum) for organising these events and thank you, Berit for a great interview.


Nuno Felt Top in the Costume Museum of Madrid

"Fairy Tale" in the 'Museo a Mano' Exhibition

'Fairy Tale' is the name of the nuno felt piece that I showed in the Museo del Traje de Madrid (Costume Museum of Madrid), in the temporary exhibition 'Museo a Mano'.

A nuno felt top on silk gauze with merino wool, a technique that fascinates me more and more each day. It is so inspired in a fantasy fairy-tale world, that it could even be part of the attire of a fairy or an elf. (more…)

Wedding Dress in Nuno Felt

A Unique Nuno Felt Fabric for a Dreamy Wedding Dress

During the past few months I have been collaborating with  Sole Alonso, a brand that designs and creates made-to-measure wedding dresses, bridesmaid’s dresses and party dresses. I think Sole Alonso is a wonderful designer. When I see one of her wedding dresses I feel that it has something very special, that it is unique, perfect for the bride she has designed it for. (more…)

Textile Art, Installation, Wet Felt

"In the Garden", TextilMad: Textile Festival of Madrid

My piece 'In the Garden' (textile art, wet felt) was shown in TEXTILMAD, Textile Festival of Madrid, celebrated in la Quinta del Sordo, in the historic city centre. This textile art sculpture consists on a series of wet felt 'flowers' in an imaginary garden. I created it during an 'artistic communion' experience I participated in in Toledo, together with twenty other artists of different nationalities (more…)

How to Take Care of Hand-Painted Silk

Caring for Hand-Painted Silk Garments

Silk is a very long-lasting natural fabric, so long as it is cared for in the right way. 

Hand-painted silks can be hand-washed, in cold or lukewarm water, without rubbing. Use a neutral soap (or shower gel) previously dissolved in water so that it does not leave stains on the silk. Do not use a soap for wool or delicate fabrics as those types of soaps make the colours run.


How to do Batik on Silk

Paint a Silk Scarf with the Batik Technique

Today, we are going to talk about how to paint a silk scarf with batik. This is one of my favourite techniques to paint on silk. This may be because when I started to paint on fabric I first learnt to do batik, or because it allows me to create transparencies and effects such as ‘crackelure’ that I would not be able to achieve with other techniques. (more…)