Textile Artist

[basel_title style=”cross” title=”Susana Arce Dubois” subtitle=”DESIGNER AND TEXTILE ARTIST”]

I have a degree in Biology, but I have always been an artist by vocation. I have been attracted to textile art since i was very young. I found a great teacher, Carmen Escolano, early on and I attended her weekly classes for more than 8 years.Soon after I started attending classes, I rented a small workshop where I began to experiment with different techniques and to develop my own style.

My path as a designer and textile artist is long and varied. In the first phase, I created mainly paintings using the batik technique on cotton. One day I discovered silk and I fell in love with this medium. I’m passionate about painting on silk -which I have done for many years- using diverse materials, techniques and processes: batik, watercolour, antifussant, gutta, shibori, etc.

For me, silk is a gift of Nature. Its delicate elegance and softness make it the most unique material, and the best medium for artistic expression.The brilliance and luminosity of silk fabric allow me to create exclusive, special, nearly magical pieces. I would not be able to achieve the same effect on other media, such as canvas, paper, or other natural textiles. Painting on silk is mysterious and capricious. As you paint on it, it is the silk that ‘decides’ and many times the result surprises even the textile artist.

Colours are intense, alive and vibrant. The way they mix and merge on the silk is always different, always new. This is what makes this art so special. It is a pleasure to tense an immaculate piece of silk and to begin to paint on it, creating suggestive shapes that reflect my ideas and my feelings.

That is why I chose the name Suhzo, which means silk in Chinese, and which expresses the essence of my brand.

In 2005, I began to get in touch with textile artists in other European countries, especially in the United Kingdom. This resulted in interesting collaborations and I participated in amazing crafts fairs all over that country for a number of years.

In the UK, I discovered another technique which I am increasingly fascinated by, and which I currently use in an important part of my artistic work: nuno felting, which I create by felting 100% natural silk fabric with high quality unspun merino wool.

I have been fortunate to learn to create felt with some of the best teachers, such as Faith Roper or Liz Clay. I love the intensive courses taught by Liz Clay, well-known, award-winning Designer and Creator of Haute Couture in Felt, who has worked with many of the most iconic fashion labels, including Givenchy, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney and Christopher Kane. I continue to go to England once a year to keep on learning and exploring with her.

Hand-made felt is a soft, light fabric that adapts to the body and that is ideal for creating fashion accessories, decoration items or textile art. As a designer, it allows me to give texture to my work. I can combine different colours, draw and create different patterns and designs, use various fabrics in the same piece, or even insert beads and crystals, shells, plant leaves, etc. to obtain three-dimensional structures.

It also allows me to continue to use different silk fabrics as media -from the most lightweight and transparent to the most rustic and tightly woven. Silk also gives felt colours a luminosity that is not achievable with other fabrics, and I love being able to combine silk painting and nuno felt in the same piece to produce spectacular compositions.

A trip to Japan opened my eyes to the infinite possibilities of textile arts and crafts and I decided that it was finally time to dedicate myself fully to textile design and creation. To be able to do this, I moved to a larger workshop where I can work better, see clients and teach classes to other people who want to learn silk painting and nuno felting.

All my pieces are completely handmade in my workshop in my native Madrid, in Spain. When you wear one of them, I want you to feel that you are wearing something unique and exclusive, that you own something ‘Beautiful’.

From 2009 I have been a member of the textile artistAsociación de Creadores Textiles de Madrid (ACTM Association of Textile Creators of Madrid), of which I am also Vice-President since 2015. This allows me to be much more ‘immersed’ in the textile sector. During these past few years, I have taught workshops, participated in fairs and pop-ups, given interviews and presented textile art pieces in exhibitions, in venues as diverse as:

El Corte Inglés– Craft Workshops

Sala de exposiciones La Paloma – ’En Lana’ Exhibition

Centro Cultural Francico Fatou – ‘En Seda’ Exhibition

Museo del Traje de Madrid, Diálogos con el Textil (National Costume Museum, Dialogues with the Textile) – Interview

Museo del Traje de Madrid, Días Europeos de la Artesanía (National Costume Museum, European Crafts Days) – Demonstration Workshops

Museo del Traje de Madrid, Exposición Temporal Museo a Mano (National Costume Museum, ‘Handmade Museum’ Temporary Exhibition) – Presentation of ‘Fairytale’ Artistic Piece

Pabellón de Cristal de la Casa de Campo, Feria Creativa – Creative Workshops

La Quinta del Sordo, Centro de Trabajo en Equipo, TEXTILMAD, Festival Textil de Madrid – Exhibition