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When you acquire one of my pieces, I want you to feel that you own something unique and exclusive, something truly ‘Beautiful’.

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I have been receiving messages all day about how beautiful the bride looked and asking about the fabric, a silk gauze that has been felted with wool -a Japanese technique called Nuno- and which has been hand-made by my great friend and amazing magician of all things textile Susana Arce @suhzo.

Sole Alonso, Designer, Madrid

It was my daughter’s birthday and I was looking for a present for her. When I saw the Suhzo scarves, I knew straight away that she would love them, and I was right. She wears her scarf on many occasions, knowing that she owns a beautiful, exclusive creation.

Teresa, Madrid

I came across Susana’s scarves two years ago. I have bought three since then. As each of them is exclusive and different, I wear them as much on special occasions as with more informal outfits. I am thrilled with them.

Sara, Alicante

I have Suhzo scarves in various colours and I wear them all the time. Their textures are different: I have silk, nuno, and wool scarves. Any one of them enhances my look and they warm me up in winter. They all feel and look wonderful.

Mercedes, Madrid

My daughter-in-law gave me a very beautiful hand-painted silk scarf as a present. It has a pattern of Autumn leaves on it. It is really lovely and soft, with all the shades of Autumn in it. I love it and I wear it often.

Annikken, Norway

I was given a Suhzo scarf as a present years ago. Its beauty amazed me. I wanted to have it extended in front of me or frame it, and just look at it -the way you look at a work of art. Since then, I have bought many more for myself and to give as exclusive gifts to relatives and friends.

Martha, UK

About Suhzo

Original Designs by Susana Arce Dubois created on hand-painted silk or on nuno felt (silk with merino wool)Sustainable Fashion and Interiors. Slow Deco and Slow Fashion. Exclusive fabrics for wedding or party dresses or for any occasion, scarves, shawls, accessories, hand-crafted textiles for your home: throws, bed spreads, cushions, textile art. I want you to feel that you own something unique and exclusive, something truly ‘Beautiful’.



Latest News

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Susana Arce Dubois at the China National Silk Museum

'Spring Dawn' - Global Qipao Invitational Exhibition

My work “Spring Dawn” can be seen at the Global International Qipao Exhibition in the National Silk Museum of Hangzhou for a whole year, from the 16th of October 2020. It will then remain there and will be part of the permanent collection of the museum.

This piece is a fusion between the flamenco dress (traditional costume and symbol of Andalusian culture and fashion from the South of Spain) and the Qipao, the iconic traditional Chinese dress. The skirt is made up of 12 ruffles, typical of the flamenco dress -of different sizes, so that it does not have too much volume- that start at the waist and go all the way down to the feet. The bodice is figure-hugging, in the style and with the high collar of the Qipao. (more…)

Exhibition: ‘Brought by the Wind’

2 + dos (two) = 5 Cycle, Comisariado de Terrassa, Espaidos

The Project: 2 + dos (two) = 5

2 + dos (two) = 5 is the name of the cycle from Terrassa Comisariado del Espaidos, a project curated by Pilar Cabañas, Paulo Cacais and Mª Jesús Ferro. Artists from the Lab-Ca collective and artist from Terrassa have participated, jumping into the void without net, putting all our passion, sensitivity and knowledge into it. Because that is what art in communion is about.

The cycle has comprised 4 exhibitions. Each of them was put together by an artistic experimentation group formed by artists and theorists that have deliberately abandoned their comfort zone to go further. Each exhibition has been intervened by an artist from Terrassa: Gabriel Verderi, Irene Pérez, Radio Zurich y David Contreras.


Textile Art, Installation, ’70 Heartbeats’ Series

'Il Varco' Interdisciplinary Workshop: Visual Arts, Architecture, Cinema, Literature, Music - Corniolo, Italy

The interdisciplinary workshop Il Varco includes writers, poets, filmmakers, musicians and architects that get together in the summer. This year they have also invited Spanish and British visual artists. I have come back from the beautiful village of Corniolo really happy and full of ideas.